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  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  ParkCity Everly Hotel Bintulu   Bintulu 71.50 USD


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  56 Hotel   Kuching 31.03 USD
  Abell Hotel   Kuching 27.45 USD
  Ariva Gateway Kuching   Kuching 33.71 USD
  Basaga Holiday Residences   Kuching 29.57 USD
  Batik Boutique Hotel   Kuching 39.49 USD
  Borneo Highlands Resort   Kuching  
  Citadines Uplands Kuching   Kuching 44.55 USD
  Four Points by Sheraton Kuching   Kuching 66.69 USD
  Grand Margherita Hotel   Kuching 41.68 USD
  Grand Supreme Hotel   Kuching 17.13 USD
  Hotel Grand Continental Kuching   Kuching 36.41 USD
  Imperial Hotel Kuching   Kuching 38.20 USD
  Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Kuching   Kuching 38.20 USD
  Penview Hotel   Kuching 27.20 USD
  Pullman Kuching   Kuching 53.28 USD
  Riverside Majestic Hotel   Kuching 39.31 USD
  The LimeTree Hotel Kuching   Kuching 33.71 USD
  The Ranee Boutique Suites   Kuching 61.70 USD
  Tune Hotel Waterfront Kuching   Kuching 23.37 USD
  Woodpecker Lodge Kuching   Kuching 7.13 USD
  BB Bunkers   Kuching 46 MYR
  360 Urban Resort Hotel Tower B   Kuching 134 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  Miri Marriott Resort And Spa   Miri 79.80 USD
  Parkcity Everly Hotel Miri   Miri 51.43 USD
  Royal Mulu Resort   Miri  
  Ethan Villa   Miri 224 MYR


  Hotel name Price Range  Location Price from
  COVE 55   Santubong 102.15 USD
  Damai Beach Resort   Santubong 56.52 USD
  One Hotel Santubong   Santubong 50.02 USD
  Permai Rainforest Resort   Santubong 58.23 USD
  Damai Puri Resort & Spa   Santubong 216 MYR


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