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    Hotels in Miri are limited, consisting of a three-bedroom villa, a beachfront hotel, and an award-winning resort. However, they offer value-for money accommodations with high quality facilities and friendly service in this oil-rich boomtown. Miri is noteworthy on travellers’ maps due to the fact that it happens to be a major node on most routes to explore Sarawak. It’s a key transport hub for those heading to Brunei, the Kelabit Highlands and three of Sarawak’s national parks – Gunung Mulu, Niah Caves and Lambir Hills.

    Situated within a 10-minute drive from Miri Airport, Miri is Sarawak’s largest town with a modern vibe, hosting a wide array of shops, restaurants and bars. Despite housing a significant expatriate community, the town retains a strong Chinese character and it’s not a bad place to stay for a day or two. Featuring cosy guestrooms and top-notch facilities in a strategic location, Miri hotels are the perfect stopovers for leisure travellers and backpackers who are trekking across wild north-western Sarawak.

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    1. Miri Marriott Resort & Spa 4.2/ 5
    2. Meritz Hotel 3.9/ 5
    3. ParkCity Everly Hotel Miri 3.6/ 5
    4. Mega Hotel 3.7/ 5
    5. Grand Palace Hotel 3.8/ 5
    6. Hotel Nur Miri 3.4/ 5
    7. 101 Hotel Miri / 5
    8. Raja Inn Hotel / 5
    9. Palace Inn Miri 1.0/ 5

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