Hotels in Santubong

Santubong Hotels

Hotels in Santubong are undeniably tranquil retreats, situated amidst lush jungles with the legendary Mount Santubong in the background and overlooking the South China Sea. Hailed as Sarawak’s Cabo San Lucas, the Santubong Peninsula is a good overnight trip possibility some 30km north of Kuching. A strip of land jutting out to the sea, the region is heavy in tourist-traffic and was once the site of an early trading settlement.

Dominated by the 2,500m Gunung Santubong, Santubong hotels consist of upscale resorts and villas owned by Kuching’s wealthiest residents. Featuring secondary rainforest and lots of strangely shaped rocks, Santubong’s main draws are its beaches, a golf course, jungle trails and a cluster of seafood eateries. Key sightseeing spots in the area include the Sarawak Cultural Village (an ethnic themed park that plays host to the annual Rainforest World Music Festival), Batu Gambar (a unique collection of primitive rock carvings) and the riverside village of Buntal.


Santubong Hotels

Damai Beach Resort  
Permai Rainforest Resort  
One Hotel Santubong  
COVE 55  
Damai Puri Resort & Spa  

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