Sibu Hotels & Resorts

Where to Stay in Sibu

Some 60km from the coast up Rajang River, Sibu is Sarawak’s second biggest city. Home to the state’s largest port, Sibu is awash with activity – dominated by a mostly Foochow Chinese population, it’s got a slightly edgier vibe than most of Sarawak.

Sibu has a staggered skyline of multi-storey commercial edifices, roads congested with brand-new vehicles and cafés with middle-aged men playing mah-jong. The town’s most striking landmark is the seven-storey pagoda, next to the temple; meanwhile Chinatown, located behind it, merits exploration and is the site of the cheapest lodging in Sibu. You’ll also want to check out the bustling night market and the small museum at the edge of town.

Accommodation options are varied – budget hotels are usually sited in the Chinatown area while mid range and luxury options are located in the centre. Head to Premier Hotel for great deals – the four-star venture’s a top-class establishment and oftentimes boasts discounted rack rates.


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